Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stanford and serena comeback to win A - pull A shock for eight

WTA top bank tour at Stanford west classic open women's singles second round match for today. Top seed, American tycoon 6-2 serena in 7-5, and 6-2 beat the Czech republic's K - pulis Eva,wholesale jerseys  made his return after the first victory, successful promotion last eight; And no. 2 seed Poland star A - Vance rudd card in battle three plate after 3-6, 6-3 and 4 to 6 defeat to the United States, has, shock stop second round.
Serena state is not very good this season, although there have been three WTA singles are tallied, but there is no as in a grand slam tournament, not even a into the last eight, of wimbledon last month (weibo), she was in the third round defeat to France china wholesale jerseys cornett, then also revealed her body state is grim news. Serena's world ranking is still this week at first, this game back, as the top seed in the first round of rested her today's competition opponent is the world ranking 45th Czech republic's K - pulis Eva, this is the first time two people career.
Today before the game, two players start the competition is fierce, the first 10 innings each hair to within 5-5 flat, serena to 40 in the key of the 12th - 0 to three consecutive break chinese wholesale jerseys points and inventory, as the opponent's back to the ball, serena successful break 7-5 - a plate first.

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