Friday, August 1, 2014

Florentino business and make money is by selling jerseys

 Because life in Spain many Colombia immigration, plus J lo sunshine boy attractive temperament, wholesale jerseys in his appearance at the bernabeu after 72 hours, with no 10 shirt rodriguez 'sales went broke through 500000, this one alone brought an income of 50 million euros for the club.

But for building businessman florentino, after the World Cup such a fast speed with J, apparent aim is not just about selling jersey so simple. He holding Spain ACS construction group wholesale jerseys china in the first half of this year's poor performance, need to make a timely manner, so the company in Colombia several engineering contract it is very important.

Florentino a year ago to see the great potential of the local construction market, now take advantage of signing of J, ACS group also got the Columbia smoothly along the Pacific highway construction contract, worth nearly 700 million euros, wholesale jerseys from china and along the land lease rights value is 25 years up to 5.235 billion euros. In addition, the ACS group first got the Columbia river magda leine river dredging and the construction of coastal port engineering, and total value of 945 million euros. In 80 million nearly 7 billion euros in return for a fee contract, florentino as abacus is so.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stanford and serena comeback to win A - pull A shock for eight

WTA top bank tour at Stanford west classic open women's singles second round match for today. Top seed, American tycoon 6-2 serena in 7-5, and 6-2 beat the Czech republic's K - pulis Eva,wholesale jerseys  made his return after the first victory, successful promotion last eight; And no. 2 seed Poland star A - Vance rudd card in battle three plate after 3-6, 6-3 and 4 to 6 defeat to the United States, has, shock stop second round.
Serena state is not very good this season, although there have been three WTA singles are tallied, but there is no as in a grand slam tournament, not even a into the last eight, of wimbledon last month (weibo), she was in the third round defeat to France china wholesale jerseys cornett, then also revealed her body state is grim news. Serena's world ranking is still this week at first, this game back, as the top seed in the first round of rested her today's competition opponent is the world ranking 45th Czech republic's K - pulis Eva, this is the first time two people career.
Today before the game, two players start the competition is fierce, the first 10 innings each hair to within 5-5 flat, serena to 40 in the key of the 12th - 0 to three consecutive break chinese wholesale jerseys points and inventory, as the opponent's back to the ball, serena successful break 7-5 - a plate first.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The choose and buy new kit instructions

Many of Europe's premier clubs this summer have replaced the new uniform, some only simple replacement sponsor advertisement, or chest or completely change the color of the shirt and design.wholesale jerseys  But not every New Jersey is a change for the better, "the European sports" has recently from fashion beautiful Angle to these New Jersey had a rating, see who's uniform point worthy of praise, who let you have the urge to replace the home again.

Against white, black is a conservative ideas, but the second away kit is enabled to rare pink, perhaps china wholesale jerseys on the other teams will be very strange, but don't forget they have cristiano ronaldo and j. such a handsome young man.

Changes only slightly on the neckline, armpits and other details, and other basic no change, still have that set of sunset red away kit, so we still need to give it a bad review.
Arsenal next season will be chinese wholesale jerseys a new set of the second away kit, the implied meaning of the "future" kit USES blue and lime green for fundamental key, twill with wide collar, inherited the sponsor has always been tight design at the same time, the players wear is mature and elegant, just fans wear upper body shape of the self is more challenging.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Huang zhan re-election 23 for fans to save money

James knight to wear back in the number 23 shirt, and explain this choice is given, the result of the joint is very interesting - those who cherish the James early knight shirt fans, wholesale jerseys can save money to buy a new shirt; But four years ago summer burning or throw away the knight 23 jersey fans, is bound to spend the money.

23! "it is the only right choice, this is my home 2 times 3 = 6, our family is still 6." - James in his social account announced the results to choose jersey. After James publicly china wholesale jerseys to the fans for "6 or no. 23" advice; Some people used to think he may also choose to no. 32 - that is his in st. Vincent - st. Mary's high school first year's jersey number.

In the former seven seasons at the knight, is James's jersey number 23; Since joining the heat in the summer of 2010, James's number 6, instead, he was on one of the change of the number of the explanation is: out of respect for Michael Jordan (23). And because the wholesale jerseys from china number "6", about James associated with the "illuminati" has long been heated debate; Now James choose back to 23, and once again stressed the "6" of the family, will undoubtedly stimulate the "illuminati" lenovo.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

J jersey sales

The name of "JAMES" is a magic, "little emperor" JAMES perennial occupy the top of the NBA jersey JAMES rodriguez wholesale jerseys for euro 80 million after joining real Madrid, for the same jersey sales frenzy.

Since joining real Madrid debut, J's real Madrid no 10 shirt sold more than 50000, in "the Milky Way battleship" new signing players selling jersey number of new records in a single day. china wholesale jerseys Before the formal signing J lo, real Madrid in the official store keep printed with the name of "JAMES" the number 10 shirt, J after formally joined, a few big stores sale at the same time, triggered hot on sale.

Real Madrid after the first day jersey sales record belongs to the last year to join the wales international bell, joining the day after "mahatma" sold more than 40000 with 11 real Madrid shirt. Cristiano ronaldo joined in 2009 on the first day to sell more than chinese wholesale jerseys 30000 shirts, there is a big gap compared with j. lo. Cristiano ronaldo at real Madrid original number 9 shirt, then wear raul to leave 7, is a measure to improve jersey sales. In 2003, Beckham joined the real Madrid jersey on the first day, to sell only 8000 pieces.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Jeremy new season back on 17th

The lakers official the bug in the team's number, he will be put on the 17th. This is Jeremy number wholesale jerseys during the period of the knicks.
The last two seasons for the rockets, Jeremy wear is 7, the lakers' no. 7 is currently Xavier - Henry, so he chose the 17 when the knicks. While wearing the lakers wholesale jerseys china 17 on a Andrew - bynum.
The NBA's official launch Jeremy in the lakers' squad number 17, 17 is Jeremy when the knicks fame jersey number, when the rockets he wore no. 7 jersey.
Jeremy was traded to the lakers, said: "I hope I can more important, the role of hope to have more playing wholesale jerseys from china time next season." Jeremy will join the lakers as a good opportunity, because he thinks he can learn a lot about the new teammate kobe Bryant. Jeremy said that his this summer will be the main practice and a 3-pointer.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

J lo C Luo Lian hand has started to sell mace shirt of real Madrid

Reported, according to Spanish newspaper marca, real Madrid is expected on Monday local time and the mace wholesale jerseys rodriguez, signing, colombians and real Madrid to sign a contract for six years, the annual salary of 7 million euros.

Rodriguez is Brazil the World Cup, the most dazzling star in his six goals to wear away the golden boot, wholesale jerseys china such identity and contains the commercial value of appetite very accord with real Madrid. Although J's former club Monac

Put people in such cases, Monaco is the only choice. Last weekend, took rodriguez arrived in Madrid chinese wholesale jerseys airport photos with fans, that seemed to herald the he is close to signing for real Madrid, while in real Madrid jersey store, rodriguez no 10 shirt has started selling.