Saturday, July 26, 2014

J jersey sales

The name of "JAMES" is a magic, "little emperor" JAMES perennial occupy the top of the NBA jersey JAMES rodriguez wholesale jerseys for euro 80 million after joining real Madrid, for the same jersey sales frenzy.

Since joining real Madrid debut, J's real Madrid no 10 shirt sold more than 50000, in "the Milky Way battleship" new signing players selling jersey number of new records in a single day. china wholesale jerseys Before the formal signing J lo, real Madrid in the official store keep printed with the name of "JAMES" the number 10 shirt, J after formally joined, a few big stores sale at the same time, triggered hot on sale.

Real Madrid after the first day jersey sales record belongs to the last year to join the wales international bell, joining the day after "mahatma" sold more than 40000 with 11 real Madrid shirt. Cristiano ronaldo joined in 2009 on the first day to sell more than chinese wholesale jerseys 30000 shirts, there is a big gap compared with j. lo. Cristiano ronaldo at real Madrid original number 9 shirt, then wear raul to leave 7, is a measure to improve jersey sales. In 2003, Beckham joined the real Madrid jersey on the first day, to sell only 8000 pieces.

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