Monday, July 21, 2014

In those years xi received shirt

Was on a state visit to Argentina in the 19th morning local time, President xi jinping met with Argentine vice President and senate President Mr Du and President dominguez. wholesale jerseys After the meeting, Mr Du to President xi jinping presented no 10 shirt Argentina's national football team. In just the end of the 2014 World Cup, Argentina 10 players for Lionel messi.
In October 2009, visit xi accepted in Germany bayer given a bayer leverkusen team no 10 shirt.
In February 2012, xi jinping visit to the United States, the lakers star Johnson gave the kobe Bryant and the china wholesale jerseys lakers signed jersey no. 1 jersey. Soccer star David Beckham to the jinping presented his signature of the Los Angeles galaxy shirt.
In December 2013, the British prime minister Cameron's visit to China, to the jinping presented England shirt.
in March 2014, xi jinping, chinese wholesale jerseys visited Germany, met with German chancellor Angela merkel, and given a ALBA Berlin basketball team jerseys.

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