Sunday, July 6, 2014

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The knockout round belongs to the goalkeeper
Knockout teams are in the first round of the most eye-catching than a keeper, and each team goalkeeper on the wholesale jerseys line and goalkeeper to cause so much one of the important factors. According to the data statistics, costa rica goalkeeper in game 4 of the gas in the World Cup, the opponent's 16 times on target shot he saved 14 times, saves the success rate as high as 87%. Yesterday in meetings and Belgium, the United States goalkeeper Tim Howard also contributed 16 times. Although Mexico's goalkeeper ochoa and Nigeria goalkeeper grace and the horse by the Netherlands wholesale jerseys china and France, respectively, in 90 minutes scored two goals, but quite a long time in their own positions has made a remarkable performance. It is because of these maintaining high save rate of goalkeeper too upstage, disguised teams are led to the striker in the knockout stages of the universal misfiring.
Fight for honor and bonuses
2014 World Cup in Brazil's $576 million total was 37% higher than the $420 million of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the first prize of $35 million, respectively in each competition, the 2nd runner-up and get $25 million, $22 million and $22 million in prize money. Into the top 8 teams can get $14 million, but into the last 16 words china wholesale jerseys can only get the $9 million, and even if the team is not qualification can be accounted for $8 million, scored 16 was visible hard block in the threshold of top 8 is the most cost-effective. This is just a FIFA give prize, national associations and their incentives. Of course the players playing in World Cup is not just for bonuses, they are also fighting for the honor. Nigeria, although has had the furor in the tournament, but soon subsided, the team manager SUSIE said: "we are the champion of Africa, we are not only fight for myself, fight for the country, is also fighting for the African continent."

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