Wednesday, July 9, 2014

laterst news

According to Taiwan media reports, France's le Figaro newspaper (Figaro) has reported that the world wholesale jerseys teams this year, there are 10 teams wearing made in Taiwan "environmental protection plastic kit".
The South Africa World Cup four years ago, Taiwan's system of green shirt billingsley, including Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal was nine teams wearing. Is the material of this kind of shirt, is through the recycling of plastic bottles, after melt spinning, china wholesale jerseys the fiber and fabric made from jersey again, the opportunity of $2 billion.
This year, there were 10 teams wearing "MIT" shirt, it is understood that these jersey for recycling plastic bottles, a total of 13 million, covers an area of about 29 of the football field so big. But with the progress of science and technology, about an chinese wholesale jerseys average of 8 to 13 plastic bottles, can make a shirt.
The report also pointed out that Taiwan in recent years because of cheap labor, to create a way in recent years, so the development of plastic bottles remakes fiber (PET) fabric.

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