Friday, August 1, 2014

Florentino business and make money is by selling jerseys

 Because life in Spain many Colombia immigration, plus J lo sunshine boy attractive temperament, wholesale jerseys in his appearance at the bernabeu after 72 hours, with no 10 shirt rodriguez 'sales went broke through 500000, this one alone brought an income of 50 million euros for the club.

But for building businessman florentino, after the World Cup such a fast speed with J, apparent aim is not just about selling jersey so simple. He holding Spain ACS construction group wholesale jerseys china in the first half of this year's poor performance, need to make a timely manner, so the company in Colombia several engineering contract it is very important.

Florentino a year ago to see the great potential of the local construction market, now take advantage of signing of J, ACS group also got the Columbia smoothly along the Pacific highway construction contract, worth nearly 700 million euros, wholesale jerseys from china and along the land lease rights value is 25 years up to 5.235 billion euros. In addition, the ACS group first got the Columbia river magda leine river dredging and the construction of coastal port engineering, and total value of 945 million euros. In 80 million nearly 7 billion euros in return for a fee contract, florentino as abacus is so.

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