Thursday, July 10, 2014

The World Cup 2014

A focal point in the Brazilian World Cup quarter final battle in Brasilia national stadium, Argentina against Belgium. In the end, with higuain's goal, Argentina's 1-0 win over china wholesale jerseys Belgium, 24 years later again into the World Cup semi-finals.
In the history of the World Cup, two teams have met twice, with the outcome. The opening in the first half, Argentina offensive rhythm soon, offensive is fierce, Belgium basic is in a state of passive defense. 8 minutes, Argentina's gonzalo higuain, first of all, seize the wholesale jerseys from china opportunity, the area before conveniently a volley, the ball the ball straight into the far corner. 1-0 up of Belgium fight to equaliser, and Argentina also dare not slack off. In the end, the two sides in the first half of the score in a 1-0, Belgium a goal behind.
Backward Belgium game in the second half, the score in the 59th minute to make a change, and once in the chinese wholesale jerseys two people, but the attack is still no improvement, only forward lenny to Argentina defence made a little trouble. The final end of the match, Argentina 1-0 win over Belgium, advance to the World Cup semi-finals.

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