Thursday, July 3, 2014

The World Cup the latest information

Italy's World Cup will be based in the near Rio DE janeiro, galati, beaches, and

where the port royal hotel. According to the hotel manager nino - melon rania

disclosed to the Italian chinese wholesale jerseys media SportMediaset, team during the hotel did a lot of

problems, and these are the hotel staff to see in the eye, "everyone here we see

that the team's lack of the spirit of the World Cup, which leads to the team to

inadequate preparation."
Melon rania, says the chinese wholesale jerseys Italian players the sense that gives a person is legislation,

lack of real unity, "if there is no unity, you can't win the World Cup. And this is

how the Italian team split."
Melon rania especially wholesale jerseys from china mentioned two unstable factors of the team, they are the

team's two big striker Mario balotelli and Antonio cassano, two people never is

famous for its ill nature, difficult to tame, and, according to the melon rania in

the performance of the hotel is very normal.

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