Monday, July 28, 2014

Huang zhan re-election 23 for fans to save money

James knight to wear back in the number 23 shirt, and explain this choice is given, the result of the joint is very interesting - those who cherish the James early knight shirt fans, wholesale jerseys can save money to buy a new shirt; But four years ago summer burning or throw away the knight 23 jersey fans, is bound to spend the money.

23! "it is the only right choice, this is my home 2 times 3 = 6, our family is still 6." - James in his social account announced the results to choose jersey. After James publicly china wholesale jerseys to the fans for "6 or no. 23" advice; Some people used to think he may also choose to no. 32 - that is his in st. Vincent - st. Mary's high school first year's jersey number.

In the former seven seasons at the knight, is James's jersey number 23; Since joining the heat in the summer of 2010, James's number 6, instead, he was on one of the change of the number of the explanation is: out of respect for Michael Jordan (23). And because the wholesale jerseys from china number "6", about James associated with the "illuminati" has long been heated debate; Now James choose back to 23, and once again stressed the "6" of the family, will undoubtedly stimulate the "illuminati" lenovo.

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